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Monday, July 29, 2013

Diets kill, and detox is a joke?

I’ve come across so many great articles out there today to share that I’m having a heck of a time choosing which ones to go with.  The most fun was the bugs.  Couldn’t resist that one.

One thing I found in particular at Mother Earth News, was on the latest statistics from 2010 on what were the leading causes of death in the US. 

  • #1 was diets (678,282)
  • #5 – inactivity – couch potatoes (234,022)

You would think with fitness being a billions of dollars business that the stats wouldn’t be that poor.  So, what are your thoughts on why diet and exercise are even in the list?

Poor Dietary Habits Kill More People Than Smoking
Mother Earth News

More exercise is not cutting into the nation's high obesity levels, and unwise diets are killing more people than about anything else — including smoking, drinking and drug use…

Here we go.  Now this is a rather controversial topic.  Do juice cleansers really work or not.  It’s a tough one on my part, because I did a 3 day liquid fast once and felt so good at the end of the 3 days I dreaded eating again. 

But the question is – do they really work, or is that feeling simply a result of eliminating sugar, etc., from your system?

More questions to think about:

  1. Does it matter that there’s no scientific proof that it’s doing anything?
  2. Could you experience the exact same feeling by simply not eating sugar, fats, and processed foods?
  3. Dr. Siegel says the idea comes from a guy name Burrows who started the Master cleanse and was “indicted for pretending to give medical care.”  This reminds me of the the old medicine shows.   Smile  Does its past hold any bearing on the fact that it’s still being used today?

When I toss my past experience of a 3 day liquid fast out the window, I’m reminded that G-d made our bodies to heal themselves, and that also means our body detoxifies itself on it’s own. 

So what do you think?

Here’s Dr. Salmadi’s list he gives at the end of the video:

drinking 7 glasses of water a day. 
eliminate alcohol and smoking
sugar (always against it)
processed food and preservatives (where your toxins are coming from)
one portion of red meat a week, fish is better
fruits and veggies
don't starve yourself
and drink 4 cups of coffee (antioxidants will help you)


Juice cleanses and detox diets: Helpful or harmful?
Fox News

The health benefits of juice cleanses and detox diets have been touted in magazines and on talk shows for the past couple of years. It has grown to become a $5 billion industry, and there is no shortage of consumer reports on how great the cleanses ...


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