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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Workout like a kid again

Yip, that’s what jumping rope really is – it’s working out out like a kid again!  Smile  It’s also the title of my latest article I’ve written for a series I’m doing over at GoArticles.  

Click here to learn some tips, workout ideas, what size rope to buy, and other cool stuff!  And as always, if you know someone who might be interested, send them the link!


PS:  While I’m at it, here’s one for you holiday shoppers!  Shawna Kaminsky has a fantastic Challenge Jump Rope program for a measly $19.  You get:

21 jump rope challenge workouts

10 challenge jump rope finishers

coaching videos

plus 2 bonus ebooks of bodyweight workouts to use along with your jump rope! 

Click here to check it out!  Look for the link beneath the header.

Btw!  The challenge workouts also make great gifts for the fitness nut in your life.  Smile



Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mindfulness: Imagination is Everything

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." - Albert Einstein

Remember when we were little all the crazy things our imagination would come up with? Back then we could create the coolest, scariest monsters known to mankind. They were so real we couldn't sleep at night without a night-lite, and the door cracked open. It didn't stop us though. The next night, we'd do it all over again, but this time with the goal of making them even scarier!

So, what happened to those awesome days of letting our imaginations run wild and knowing, not just believing, those monsters could actually come to life and kill us in the middle of the night?

We grew up, and when we did, we stopped believing in the magic of our imagination.

Thankfully, not everyone grows up and stops believing anything their minds create can come to life. If Walt Disney had there wouldn't be Disneyland! Can you imagine a world without Disneyland?

How about Ford? The Wright brothers? Edison? They dreamed it. They believed it. They brought those dreams to life.

Every one of us has a great imagination. We use it to create stories in our minds every day - it's called daydreaming. Let me ask you something. How do you feel after you've sat daydreaming? Happy, right? Guess what? You've just proven that by focusing on positive things and creating stories that go with them, you can completely change your attitude. You can also change your body.

What does Einstein say about imagination? "It is the preview of life's coming attractions." By envisioning ourselves as having the body we want to the point that we can actually feel it, we are changing our future. We become what we think.

Bodybuilders use their imaginations all the time to achieve their fitness goals. They envision themselves standing on the stage winning. They not only see every single cut on their body, but can physically feel them as well.

If they can do it to achieve their fitness goals, so can you. The trick is to be realistic. Don't envision yourself as having broad shoulders if they're not. Don't picture yourself being as thin as a small framed person, if you're large framed. Be realistic in what you see.

If it helps, look at yourself at all angles naked in front of a mirror. Horrifying, I know, but it might help you when you go to visualize what you want. As you look at yourself, what parts need sliced off? That belly is probably the first place to start. How do you want it to look?

Remember, the greatest successes come from starting small. Taking it from here, begin visualizing yourself having that smaller stomach. See it so clearly in your mind that you can actually feel it. Do it throughout the day, especially before getting out of bed in the morning, and before falling asleep at night. The shower is another great place.

In time, using the power of your imagination, you'll begin to make the right choices that will lead to that flat belly and a happier self, because you've trained your mind to make those choices.

Just remember, if bodybuilders can do it, so can you.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Picture challenge update podcast 1: Let’s Decapitate!

Decided to go back into podcasting again.  They’ll all be less than 5 minutes each.  Anyway,  I’ve included the show notes below for those who don’t want to listen to the podcast.  They’re not exactly verbatim, but pretty close.  Smile 

Leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts!  Click the pic to hear the podcast.



I'll be doing mini-podcast updates over the next 30 of my experiment with Scott's idea that I found in a video a few days ago and posted here on the exercise blogger.

In case you missed the post, Scott's idea is to post lots of pictures everywhere, along with inspiration quotes, to bombard yourself with your fitness goals.  Keeping them insight at all times increases your ability to reach your goal.

So, that's what I'm putting action over the next 30 days and keeping you updated on my progress.

So, here's my goals:  Toned, reduce the body fat around my midsection, flexible, and my posture straightened back up.

I went for pictures from my Yoga Journal magazines.  The reason I did is because to me the yoga body is really what I'm striving for.

I'm not after the big muscle thing, or "Hi! Look at my bicep!" idea of fitness.  So anyway, it was a bit creepy cutting off heads, but after awhile you get used to it and it's kinda fun decapitating people.   Smile This is one of the pics that I  put on my laptop monitor. 

It’s my guilt pic.  The reason I named it that is because I switched back from using my fitness ball  to using a regular chair at my desk,  The result?  It killed my posture

For the record, I didn't switch on purpose, what happened was the kittens snuck through the door, and launched an all out attack on me. My fitness ball died.  It's the second one they've killed.  So I didn't want to inflate a third one for fear they'd kill it to.  So now they're all outside and my new fitness ball is safe.

Now, what happened when I put this pic up was this.  It woke me up and I saw what a real chair was doing to me.  For my health’s sake, I knew I had to go back to the fitness ball.  because let's face it, posture is everything.  It really is.  Why?  You can't breath properly without a good posture, and if if you're not getting enough oxygen then your energy level is affected,  your thinking is affected, and it makes you appear older than you are.

Say what?  If your skin cells aren't getting enough oxygen - they die.  That's why smokers look older than people who don't smoke.  Smoking reduces oxygen to the cells. 

So, that's where I am right now.  I'm sitting on my fitness ball, my core is engaged, and my posture is straight.

So, that's this weeks update, and I'll see ya later!  :)


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How do you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals?

I was reading a book last night about staying motivated to reach your fitness goals, and there was a link to this crazy video.  I loved it!  It was late when I saw the vid, so I didn’t get to put it into action until this morning.

Oops, I started to tell you what I did, but that would be spoilers.  So, watch the video, and then read below for how I applied what he did.  Or, skip the video and go for the spoiler.  Smile

Psycho Fitness Trainer???

Did you watch it?  Ok, so here’s how I applied it this morning, and it was a bit surprising to me how I did.  Instead of grabbing my M&F Hers mags, I grabbed a stack of Yoga Journals.

Why?  My subconscious knew what really fit my goals and taa daa – it went yoga.  Yoga focuses on strength, flexibility, awareness and having a perfect posture.  M&F is more about building muscle and 6-pack abs.  Yeah, I know it’s more than that, but it’s mostly about muscle building.

Anyway, I’ll warn you ahead of time, if you do what he suggested – it will really creep you out when you cut off someone’s head.   So, I creeped myself out and cut off some heads.  I chose:

1.  A seated meditation pic with a side view of a perfect posture.

2.  A woman rock climbing.  Why?  Because her arms are strong, but don’t look like a mans. (And it was in Yoga Journal.)

3.  A seated mediation pic of a woman in a sports bra and shorts.  It shows her flat stomach (not 6-pack) and that her body is firm.

4.  Another seated yoga pose because it shows no “love handles.”

5.  A backwards bend, to remind me of the importance of flexibility.

6.  Warrior Pose because it’s powerful. 

7.  And a forward bend – toned, trimmed, flexible, strong.

Tomorrow, I’ll pull out the M&F and see if there’s something I find inspiring.  I also want to put up pics of healthy food.  I figure if I’d put a pic of a big banana split, I’d crave it all day.  So I’m going to try it with healthy food. 

Whatcha say to this?  If you’re having a hard time staying motivated to reach your fitness goals, how about joining me in my month long motivational challenge!  It’s free!  All you need is your scissors, some old fitness mags, and a desire to cut peoples heads off.  Smile  Join me, or cheer me on.  Either way, you’re invited to read my journey and see what happens.  Also, sign up for my email updates, and be sure to post your comments every day. 

See ya tomorrow!  And happy beheading!

PS:  What are your tricks for staying motivated to reach your fitness goals?


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Is CrossFit a smart way to exercise?

Yesterday when I was grabbing Shawna's vid on jumping rope, I saw a few videos on CrossFit, so I decided to check it out. I'm still having nightmares. The entire time I watched, my brain kept screaming, "YOU IDIOT!!! YOU'RE GONNA GET HURT!!!" (long pause) My brain is still screaming.

Watch this short video and see if you can see why. Don't forget to use the comment section to share your thoughts.

What is CrossFit?

What is CrossFit? CrossFit is an effective way to get fit. Anyone can do it. It is a fitness program that combines a wide variety of functional movements int...

What is CrossFit?

Here's another one for the night.  The writer see's the problems with the CrossFit program, but still likes it - if it's done right.  :)

Is CrossFit Killing Us? - Outside Online

The CrossFit backlash is in full swing—led by a long list of injured participants.

So, what are your thoughts?  Is CrossFit a smart way to exercise?


Monday, November 18, 2013

Don’t pee your pants…

I love jumping rope.  The only thing I don’t like about it is at 53, and having a neuromuscular illness that makes it even worse, is the pee your pants feeling. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

Anyway, I’m doing up some articles on jumping rope, and decided it’d be a great post for today.  In the vid, Shawna’s talking about her Challenge Jump Rope program (highly recommend it) and the problem women have with the pee your pants feeling. 

As always, she has some really great tips, and includes a workout!  Check it out!  And if you think one of your friends might like it, or your facebook buddies – hit the share facebook button below the vid! 

And if the Challenge Jump Rope workout sounds like something you’d love to try, click here

Make it a great day!

Don’t Pee Your Pants!



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Creating a world worth living in…

I’ve been thinking the past couple days about the world I’m creating for myself to live in.  My “gym” is my living room, but what happens if I’ve allowed it to get cluttered, which is pretty easy for me.  What happens then?  Very simple – I don’t workout there, which is really bad because that’s where my gazelle is and it’s a major tool for me getting in shape and staying there.

So to inspire myself to get my act together, I made this little graphic last night and put it on my desk top to remind me that I do create my own world.  If it’s annoying, I created it.  If I’m putting weight back on – I created the world for me to do it.

So, how about you?  What kind of world are you creating?  What are some things you’re doing to make it better?  Leave your thoughts below, after all you never know who might be inspired to make their own little world a better place.  And as always – pass it on!  Smile


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Put that brain of yours in gear and start visualizing success

Wow!  What a day!  I've found so many great articles out there that I'm sticking links to all of them in this post.

Let's start off with one of my faves.  As soon as I saw the title, '4 digital fitness trends...' I thought of my original kindle.  I've got 3 fitness apps on it: 

  1. Anywhere legs
  2. My Yoga Studio
  3. Anywhere Abs

I love them all.  I don't use them every day, but they're nice to have around.  If you like this stuff like I do, you'll want to check out this article.  

KTVZ.COM - 4 digital fitness trends you need to check out - Home 

It used to be that when you wanted to get in shape you either strapped on a pair of sneakers and went for a run or got in a car and drove to a place that was packed with people and waited your turn to move around some rusty (and sweaty) weights.

Next up!  Steven Covey fans will enjoy this one.  It's Morning habits of successful people.  The author lists 5 with a straight to the point explanation.  Nice fast read!

WAXX - morning habits of successful people 

Fantastic article on being in the present with your workouts.  There's tips and how-to's, and best of all - he's practical in his advice and suggestions.  

Bring Your Brain for the Ultimate Workout - Fitness & Wellness News 

Yet, if your brain isn't traveling the exercises with you, even the best Nikes can only take you so far. Bring this technique to the treadmill with you and improve the health of body and mind. When you visualize, include specifics. As you exercise, focus on exhausting your body in a positive way, not your mind.

Last, but not least, 'Amazing results always come from creating my Vision Boards.'  This one especially caught my eye because I'm working on a series of articles that I hope will be published at ezines next week on the subject of visualizing your way to the body you want.

I like the way this writer makes things so simple.

What is holding you back - Amazing results always come from creating my Vision Boards - ... 

What is holding you back from being the person you want to be. Since I'm doing this right now, I'd love for you to join in with me so I want you to really think about why you are not or have not been able to stick to the healthy eating plan/diet right now or what excuses you are coming up with to be stagnant.

Hope you've enjoyed today's finds.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think of your favourite out of the list!

And as always - pass it on!  :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

What weight should I use in my workouts?

I’ve got a treasure for you today from Holly Rigsby.  Holly answers one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to women using weights – how much weight should I use when I’m working out?

You might be surprised at how much she thinks you’re able to lift.  Holly basis it on you being a mom and how much your child weighs.  Check out her video below.

If you know of someone who might find the vid a real help, send ‘em this way!

Choose the right weight for your strength workout.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

How does caffeine effect workouts?

I was just reading a comment someone made on facebook about staying away from caffeine.  The conversation was about illness, and of course caffeine is said to “dehydrate” a person, which is the last thing you want when you’re sick.

So, my mind switched to caffeine and workouts.  Talk about a world divided.  Once more I’m in the middle of an argument between those who think caffeine is the 7th evil of the universe, and those who swear by it’s benefits.

This was my top choice from all the articles I explored.  It’s logical and makes sense.  The article explains how caffeine works and answers the questions:

1.  When is the best time to drink a caffeinated beverage, before or after?

2.  What kind of coffee?  This one surprised me.  I never pay attention to how much caffeine is in it.  I didn’t know dark roast has less.

3.  How much should you drink?

Check it out and let me know what you think.  And don’t forget, if you like my post please share them with your friends.  They’ll thank you for it.  Smile

Workout Drinks: Preworkout and Postworkout Caffeine from Coffee ... Tue, 10 Sep 2013 13:39:04 GMT

Will drinking coffee before a workout leave you energized from the caffeine or will it dehydrate you and hamper your workout? Learn the facts so you can get the most out of your morning workout!



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The hunchback of Notre Dame

Let’s talk posture!  The subject is the bane of my existence.  My vision isn’t that great.  Neither my desk or seat are the height they should be, and so I do a number of different exercises to help keep my shoulders down, and exercises to strengthen my upper back, and core.

Anyway, the subject came up when I saw a friend of mine, Sara Lieb, who’s an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, had written an article on the subject. 

My first instinct was to slap her upside the head for writing on a subject that annoys me.  But, I sucked it up and went and read the thing.  I loved it.  That’s not a surprise.  Sara is an excellent writer.

Best of all, I passed her “hunched shoulders” test!  See if you can:

“Hunched shoulders – Try a little experiment. Stand up and take a pencil in each hand. Hold the pencils loosely at your sides. If your shoulders are back in the proper position, then the pencils should be straight at your sides. If your shoulders are rounded or hunched, then the pencils will be resting on the front of your body parallel with your thighs.” 

If you flunked it, you really need to read the article.  If you didn’t flunk it, you really need to read the article so you can tell folks you know why they need to start taking better care of the way they carry themselves.  Click here to read Upright vs Uptight!

PS:  If you enjoy the article, pass it on to your friends!  Leave a comment for Sara and tell her what you think.  Or email her!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Death by Burpee

It’s Tuesday no video day!  Why?  Because I’ve got something even better – I’ve got a challenge for you!

Here’s what I want you to do. I’ve got two different ways you can do this.  You can either set a timer for so many minutes and see if you can do the following within that time, OR you can set a timer and see how long it takes you to do it.

Sounds fair, right?  So here’s the game:

Great shape: 50 burpees

Good shape: 30 burpees

Ok shape: 20

Not-so-great shape: 10 – 15

You can either do the burpee with or without the push up.  You can do the burpee with the hop back and forward, or walk back.  You can mix and match.

Whatever you choose, I’m not responsible for injuries, suicidal thoughts from the pain, or your death.  Smile

Special Note:  Regardless of what shape you’re in, go with your strength level for today.  When we ignore our body’s energy level and try to do a tough workout, we risk discouraging ourselves and that, in turn, leads to procrastinating on our next work.  So, go with your energy level.  Smile

Best of luck!  Post your results below, and I’ll post my results later today. 


PS:  Shawna Kaminski has a fantastic Challenge Burpee program that I’ve been using.  I love it.  It’s a great way to get in shape when you don’t have a lot of time to get in a workout (and even if you do),  plus, it’s a lot of fun. Click here to learn more.




Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Jump Rope Challenge!

By now you’re probably catching on that I really love Shawna Kaminski’s challenges.  I don’t own the Challenge Jump Rope program yet, because I’m still doing the Challenge Burpee program. 

BUT!  I’m adding in the jump rope workouts as she posts them on her blog, or in her emails and loving it.  So far my personal best is 57 jumps.  Next goal – 70.  Smile

Anyway, this morning I awoke to this new one in my inbox. Hope you enjoy suffering!  Leave a comment below and let me know how it went.

And as always, if you really enjoy this post pass it on to your friends!  Thanks!

Ab Finisher for Shawna K


Friday, November 1, 2013

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Exercise Program

It's not always easy to figure out which exercise program is best for you. Part of the reason is because infomercials distort reality, and make us think we need more than we actually do.

What I mean by that is: 3% body fat, solid muscle, 6 pack abs, butt of steel, etc., which can only be accomplished by practically killing yourself.

One of the things that makes them so successful at getting us to buy into their philosophy, is that we don't really think about what kind of shape we want to be in.

We just think about getting IN shape. We don't honestly think about how we'd like to look, in a realistic fashion. So, we see these guys in the infomercial and naturally think this is what being healthy and in shape looks like.

The other reason they're successful is because we tend to be impulse buyers. We see a P90x infomercial and think to ourselves, "I've always wanted a body that looks like that!" Most likely, that's the body we wanted when we were a teenager.

Fact is, being healthy and in good shape has nothing to do with those infomercials.  Being healthy is simply eating right, staying within the weight range of your height and age, and exercising 30 minutes a day.

When I say "exercising," I'm not talking about killing yourself, I'm talking about getting in two to three days of aerobics, and two to three days of resistance training. That's honestly all it takes.

So, here are 3 tips to help you decide which exercise program is best for you. Grab yourself a notebook and get ready to write it all down.

1. How do you want your body to look? The best way to decide is to stand naked in front of a mirror. Look at yourself from the front, the back, and from the side. Talk about motivation!

What changes would you like to make, and be realistic. If you're big-boned, don't imagine yourself as a small boned woman. If you're a man, don't imagine having broad shoulders if you don't already have them.

2. Now that you know what you want, write down all the sports activities you've loved through the years. Don't leave out a thing. Did you play basketball, or just love to shoot hoops? Volleyball? Tennis? Bowling? Martial arts? Skateboarding? Skating?

What about non-sports stuff like walking, aerobic videos, jumping rope, hula hoops, dancing or trampoline?

Why are we doing this? Because, the key to finding the right program, is finding something you've always loved to do.

3. Pick out one or more of your favourites. Are they challenging enough to help you meet your fitness goals? Is it a mixture of aerobics and resistance training?

If it's something like volleyball, basketball, etc. you can check your local Community Center and find out if there are any leagues you can join.

Ask friends and see if they know of any leagues, or if they'd like to put something together with you. You could challenge each other's business, church or synagogue.

Whatever you decide, at least now you know what you want for your life, so the next time you see an infomercial tempting you to buy something that's more than you need to meet your goals - you'll be able to say no and save a lot of money in the process.


Yochana E Coleman, EzineArticles Basic Author

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