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Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Kaminski Workout: Bodyweight Challenge RIST and FUW 1

This one is from an email Shawna Kaminski sent yesterday.  It’s a bear of a workout, and perfect for those of you who like to stretch yourselves to the absolute limit.

Here’s the text version:

This workout is a 'RIST & FUW' type workout.

RIST - reps in specific time
FUW - finish up with

Here's what you'll do:

Set your clock for 1:15/05, do the following:

15 prisoner squats FUW plank alt leg lift

10 burpees FUW side plank

15 per side mtn climber FUW side plank

10 wall stick up FUW plank saw rest 30 sec

7 per leg RDL FUW wide outs

penquins 15 per side FUW skater

7 per side get ups FUW side squat walks

10 per side wood chops FUW skater

shoe touch FUW burpee

Feel free to repeat these sets for a longer workout, the key is to GO HARD no matter how many sets you do, work at your own pace.”

You can do this workout on your own, or follow along with Shawna as she does the entire workout on the vid here.


Bodyweight Challenge RIST and FUW 1

Give this one a shot and let me know what you think.  And as always – pass it on!


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