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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fantastic workout to try!

Hey y’all! 

Wow!  It’s been one tough week.  I had a mini-stroke last month, and I’m still battling some of the side-effects.  Today has been pretty good.  I was able to get in a bit of ab work, and my flat bands. 

Anyway!  I’ve got something great for you!  Smile 

Shawna asked me to share this workout program with you - it's from her Challenge Complexes program.

You can check out the workout below, but first I wanted to tell you a bit about this style of workout because it's unlike anything you're doing now.

There's a trick to putting together 'complex' workouts. Often times trainers try to make things challenging by putting together impossible exercise combinations. Shawna says that complex workouts really need to be simple in their design so as not to cause strain on certain muscle groups and to ensure you stay injury free.

That's what I love about her workouts: safe, effective and fun. They're full of variety and challenges but they aren't 'impossible'. Shawna is as experienced a trainer as they come. She's in incredible shape at 50 and uses complexes in her training. Trust me, since I’m 53 and she’s 50, I’m more than willing to do what she says now.  (It’s a never trust anyone under 50 thing. LOL)

Okay, so here's the workout:

Let's Get This Started (Reps and rounds)

Equipment: dumb bells

Choose a weight that you can use for ALL exercises.

Do 8 reps of each exercise. Try not to put the DB's down the entire set, do 6 rounds. Time your workout, match the time with increased load the next time out:

· DB push up (hands on dumb bells)

· Spider crawl (per leg)

· Weighted burpee (squat thrust to deadlift)

· High pull

· Front squat push press

· Rest 30 seconds to one minute

Do 6 rounds

Have fun with that one and make sure to check out her plan.

BTW get Challenge Complexes for just $19 this week. That works out to about 70 cents a workout.

PS:  Take a look in the upper right hand corner. See the Complexes freebie?  Download it and give it shot!  And as always, don’t forget to pass this on to your friends!



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