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Monday, December 16, 2013

The latest cardio myth challenged

If you take a look in the right column, you’ll see a number of programs that I believe in and therefore encourage you to buy.  Why?  Because they work, and are great for folks who have very little time to get in that workout.

I do have a beef with them, though.  The latest cardio myth is that cardio workouts don’t burn fat.  Some of you know that’s a lie, because you’ve used cardio and diet and lost the fat.

Some of you have tried everything in the book and never lost.  If you fall into that category, it’s either because of your metabolism, or lack of self-discipline.  Sorry, guys.  That’s the politest way I could say it.  Smile

If cardio doesn’t burn fat, then two greats in the fitness industry are liars:

1.  Denise Austin

2.  Richard Simmons

And we all know that’s not true.  Between the two of them, they have nearly 80 years experience, which is much more than the new kids on the block who have about 20 – 25 years under their belts. 

The new guys might know “short cuts,” but they have no experience with what it takes for the long haul – meaning years, and years to come.  Austin and Simmons do.  And so do a lot of you.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because of a neighbour of mine who lives some 18 trees down the creek from me. (I live on a farm.)  Marlene has lost nearly 100 pounds by taking brisk walks every day and watching her diet.  That’s nearly 100 pounds of FAT.  And how is she doing it?  Walking!  What is walking?  Cardio! 

The new myth is what?  Cardio doesn’t burn fat, so throw out your treadmill!

Fact is, walking has always been considered the greatest exercise there is, whether you’re walking outside and getting fresh air, or enjoying your treadmill while watching TV or reading a book.

I’m sure most of the new guys mean well, and I know a lot of them are basing their idea on the latest research out of Canada, but the message is misleading and wrong. 

My advice is this:

1.  Ignore the latest fad, trend, whatever you want to call it. 

2.  Don’t throw out that treadmill, and enjoy walking off the fat! 

3.  Do what works for you. 

4.  Do what you enjoy.

5.  And, don’t listen to anyone who tells you it isn’t working.

PS:  Pass it on!  Smile

Denise Austin: Fat-Blasting Cardio Walking Workout




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