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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

4 Great Workouts for Flabby Arms!

Have you ever knocked someone out cold on a windy day with your flabby arms?  Me either.  Just curious.  Smile

I know it’s Fall, and in a flash we’ll all be wearing jackets, and the risk of permanently maiming someone will cease.  But, some gals will still be wearing short sleeve dresses to parties. 

It doesn’t matter that you’ll be standing there in a room without a breeze, other women at the party are still gonna be looking at those arms of yours and whispering.  You know they do, cause you do it too. 

“Hey Pam, look at Sarah!  She could fly to Florida with those arms!”

I’ve finally gotten mine tamed down to a wiggle.  I’ve done it with overhead squat presses, kettlebell swings, mountain climbers, and spidermans. 

Today when I was snooping about the web, I came across four more great arm exercises. 

Check out the article and give them a try! 

Banish Bat Wings Tighten your triceps with this



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