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Monday, September 16, 2013

Firm butt competition!

Here’s a challenge for you to try this week!  The goal is to find out which exercise you think works best, at least for you.

I’ve got two different exercises for you to try to get rid of that floppy butt.  Denise Austin says to use butt taps:

“Your backside is the last thing to leave a room, so why not leave a good impression?”

Click here to see how it’s done: Butt Taps

The Best Way to Tone Your Tush!

My Canadian friend and in-demand Physique Coach, Scott Tousignant says,

“If you suffer from a flat or sagging butt... or you simply want to improve your glute development there is 1 exercise you MUST do.” 

Click here to watch the video to find out what it is, and how it’s done properly:  3 Little Secrets to Sculpt a Firm, Tight, Round Butt!

I learned a lot from Scott’s video.  Part of it I’ve been doing right throughout the years, but there was a little trick I wasn’t doing quite right – pulling my heels in toward myself.  I do it, just not as much as I should.

By the way, you don’t need a weight bench to do this exercise, nor the butt taps.  You can use a fitness ball.  I like using the fitness ball because it really works your core.  If you own both a bench and a ball, test it out on both and see which you like best.

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