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Sunday, September 29, 2013

What happens in Vegas, is lazy in Vegas…

Last week I brought up the subject of my least favourite exercise on the planet – burpees.  So, I’m challenging myself to the “Competition Burpee” program.

I bought it for the $17 price, which ended Friday.  It looks really good.  Actually, it looks freaking great.  You do the workout 4 – 5 days/week.  I’m going for 3 - 4. 

Here’s what you get:

3 manuals:

  • Challenge Burpees Program 1
  • 500 – 1000 Challenge Burpees
  • And the bonus book “The Big Book of Beautiful Burpees”

Downloadable videos!

  • 21 Challenge Burpee vids
  • 17:04 Full workout with Shawna
  • Big Book of Beautiful Burpees – 3 special vids

There’s 50 burpee variations.  So, I’m either going to love burpees by the end – or resent Craig for ever telling me about Shawna’s challenge.

Anyway, I’m logging my journey here.  And before I go, here’s the reason for the post title!  It’s fun to watch, but a little pathetic (but boy was he awesome!) when you see who finally took on the challenge and won. LOL

Come on lazy adults – it’s time to stop being showed up by the younger crowd!



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