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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How do you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals?

I was reading a book last night about staying motivated to reach your fitness goals, and there was a link to this crazy video.  I loved it!  It was late when I saw the vid, so I didn’t get to put it into action until this morning.

Oops, I started to tell you what I did, but that would be spoilers.  So, watch the video, and then read below for how I applied what he did.  Or, skip the video and go for the spoiler.  Smile

Psycho Fitness Trainer???

Did you watch it?  Ok, so here’s how I applied it this morning, and it was a bit surprising to me how I did.  Instead of grabbing my M&F Hers mags, I grabbed a stack of Yoga Journals.

Why?  My subconscious knew what really fit my goals and taa daa – it went yoga.  Yoga focuses on strength, flexibility, awareness and having a perfect posture.  M&F is more about building muscle and 6-pack abs.  Yeah, I know it’s more than that, but it’s mostly about muscle building.

Anyway, I’ll warn you ahead of time, if you do what he suggested – it will really creep you out when you cut off someone’s head.   So, I creeped myself out and cut off some heads.  I chose:

1.  A seated meditation pic with a side view of a perfect posture.

2.  A woman rock climbing.  Why?  Because her arms are strong, but don’t look like a mans. (And it was in Yoga Journal.)

3.  A seated mediation pic of a woman in a sports bra and shorts.  It shows her flat stomach (not 6-pack) and that her body is firm.

4.  Another seated yoga pose because it shows no “love handles.”

5.  A backwards bend, to remind me of the importance of flexibility.

6.  Warrior Pose because it’s powerful. 

7.  And a forward bend – toned, trimmed, flexible, strong.

Tomorrow, I’ll pull out the M&F and see if there’s something I find inspiring.  I also want to put up pics of healthy food.  I figure if I’d put a pic of a big banana split, I’d crave it all day.  So I’m going to try it with healthy food. 

Whatcha say to this?  If you’re having a hard time staying motivated to reach your fitness goals, how about joining me in my month long motivational challenge!  It’s free!  All you need is your scissors, some old fitness mags, and a desire to cut peoples heads off.  Smile  Join me, or cheer me on.  Either way, you’re invited to read my journey and see what happens.  Also, sign up for my email updates, and be sure to post your comments every day. 

See ya tomorrow!  And happy beheading!

PS:  What are your tricks for staying motivated to reach your fitness goals?


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