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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Workout like a kid again

Yip, that’s what jumping rope really is – it’s working out out like a kid again!  Smile  It’s also the title of my latest article I’ve written for a series I’m doing over at GoArticles.  

Click here to learn some tips, workout ideas, what size rope to buy, and other cool stuff!  And as always, if you know someone who might be interested, send them the link!


PS:  While I’m at it, here’s one for you holiday shoppers!  Shawna Kaminsky has a fantastic Challenge Jump Rope program for a measly $19.  You get:

21 jump rope challenge workouts

10 challenge jump rope finishers

coaching videos

plus 2 bonus ebooks of bodyweight workouts to use along with your jump rope! 

Click here to check it out!  Look for the link beneath the header.

Btw!  The challenge workouts also make great gifts for the fitness nut in your life.  Smile



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