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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Death by Burpee

It’s Tuesday no video day!  Why?  Because I’ve got something even better – I’ve got a challenge for you!

Here’s what I want you to do. I’ve got two different ways you can do this.  You can either set a timer for so many minutes and see if you can do the following within that time, OR you can set a timer and see how long it takes you to do it.

Sounds fair, right?  So here’s the game:

Great shape: 50 burpees

Good shape: 30 burpees

Ok shape: 20

Not-so-great shape: 10 – 15

You can either do the burpee with or without the push up.  You can do the burpee with the hop back and forward, or walk back.  You can mix and match.

Whatever you choose, I’m not responsible for injuries, suicidal thoughts from the pain, or your death.  Smile

Special Note:  Regardless of what shape you’re in, go with your strength level for today.  When we ignore our body’s energy level and try to do a tough workout, we risk discouraging ourselves and that, in turn, leads to procrastinating on our next work.  So, go with your energy level.  Smile

Best of luck!  Post your results below, and I’ll post my results later today. 


PS:  Shawna Kaminski has a fantastic Challenge Burpee program that I’ve been using.  I love it.  It’s a great way to get in shape when you don’t have a lot of time to get in a workout (and even if you do),  plus, it’s a lot of fun. Click here to learn more.





  1. A friend challenged me on this one. We went for 25 burpees, no push ups, but there was the jump, then hands down, and at the end of the burpee you jump straight up again.


    Friend 1:13
    Me 3:55

    Super proud of my time. I've got Dystonia (neuromuscular illness that makes my body spaz like crazy without medicine), and my body went crazy after 8 burpees. From there on it was a battle and a half to keep going. My arms and legs started pulling in. I couldn't get my arms overhead at one point and had to wait till I could.

    In the end, I felt totally awesome and bursting with pride! I did it! A big thanks to my friend for challenging me with the challenge today, because I seriously would have quit without you being there today.

  2. Making a bit of a correction on the arms there. I couldn't get them to detach from my sides lol