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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A little inspiration…

Sometimes when we take on a fitness program to lose weight, we become lax after that, which means we usually put on a few pounds or more – all over again.

Why does that happen?  Because we set a goal that’s quite similar to a bunt in baseball.  A bunt requires no effort.  Just stick the bat out there and let the ball hit it.

But, it takes a lot of effort to hit that homerun.  I remember way back when I played softball.  If you were going to hit that homerun, all your focus had to be on that fence. 

Your eyes might have been on the ball, but your brain was on that fence – that was your goal.  Hitting the ball was the means of getting there.

That’s fitness.  Losing weight is a limited goal, and therefore nothing but a bunt.  Yeah, the struggle it takes to get there feels like shooting for a homer, but it’s not.

Getting in shape and staying there – well, that’s the homerun, girls!  The fitness plan is simply the means of getting there.


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