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Monday, August 12, 2013

Check Out Holly Rigsby’s Short Cut Cardio!

I’m doing something a bit different this time.  I thought it’d be nice to transcribe Holly’s video because there’s so much great stuff she said, and this way you can go back and review without having to watch the video again.

Holly explains the difference between traditional cardio and intervals.  If you don’t know what intervals are, you will definitely know by the end of the video!  Smile

She also gives us an interval training set that we can start using immediately.  

Anyway, I hope you find the transcription helpful.  Smile

 Hey it's Holly Rigsby, the authour of Fit Yummy and I have one of my favourite workout shortcuts today, cardio short cuts. But let me just say that if you enjoy doing long duration cardio, and you are happy with the results you are getting, then this video is not for you, and the strategies that I'm going to share do not apply to you.

However, if you are as busy as I am, if you are frustrated with the lack of results, and you want results, but you want to do it quickly.  Then listen up.  Because intervals are your solution. 

Why? Why doesn't traditional cardio work.  Well, first of all, it is long and tedious.  We are all talking about how busy we are, and we want shortcuts and we want something that works fast.  Then why are you spending all this time doing long duration cardio?

Another reason, it's frustrating.  It seems like the more cardio you do, the less and less results you get.  Hello?  What's the definition of insanity?  Why do you keep doing the same things over and over again if you're not getting the results that you want?

And lastly, traditional cardio is just plain boring.  And if you don't like what you're doing, why do you keep torturing yourself and putting yourself through it.

So intervals are your solution.  Why?  What is so fantastic about intervals?  Well, they are short and their sweet.  And I say sweet with a smile because every  body else that's out there who knows, all the fit yummy mummys, smile too when I say that, because sweet is not exactly the word they would have used to describe how effective these workouts feel when they're doing them.

There are four reasons why intervals are the preferred choice.  for all the busy moms and women out there who are wanting results and fast. 

  1. It will cut your cardio session in 1/2, if not by more.
  2. It is going to give you a tremendous metabolic blast which means you're not only going to burning more calories during your intervals but long after, whereas, while traditional cardio, you burn calories while you're doing it, and shortly after you finish your traditional cardio session, that calorie burn stops.  But not with intervals, and in fact, you preserve lean muscle when you do intervals.  Muscle is your metabolism.  The longer you do cardio the more you put yourself at risk for burning up that lean muscle.
  3. Hello!  They're quick.  Your interval sessions are a max of 10-15 minutes and you just need to do them 2 - 4 times a week.  And of course, the variety. 
  4. Reason number 4.  You have so many different options when it comes when it comes to using intervals for your cardio solution.  Now, the options that you have are really endless.  And you don't need any special equipment.  Just your own body and I'll show you an example here in a minute.

Oh yeah, and for all the busy  mom's out there, you can do them right at home.  I came out here to my driveway just to prove it.  So four reasons:

1.  Less time
2.  A higher metabolic blast.
3.  You can do them anywhere.
4.  And they're fun.

What in the world would all this do if you put them together, it's going to promote consistency.  Cause you know what?  No matter how awesome your fat loss plan is, if you are not sticking to it, if it is not doable for your life style,  you will not get results.  This  is one of the main reasons intervals rock when you add them to your fat loss plan. 

So, if intervals are so fabulous, and they're this secret cardio shortcut,  then why aren't more people doing them?  Well, there's a couple problems with intervals, and I will admit, the first one is they can be confusing. 

Let me just explain what intervals are again for those of you who do not know.  Intervals are basically, you are alternating short bursts of work with short bursts of rest.  And you will rotate through this interval, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times.  And that will get you to that total of 10 - 15 minute interval session. 

Now, how do you know how to rotate through that?  Well, you could do 1 minute on and one minute off.  30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.  60 seconds on, 30 seconds off.  20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  See what I'm sayin'?

So it's like, ok how do I know which one to start with and which one's gong to be most effective for me.  So, all of this variety can lead to confusion.  Plus, how do you now which movement to use. 

A lot of people tend to think of cardio - treadmill.  Well, a lot of people will be like I don't have a treadmill, what'll I do.  Well, guess what, you don't need a treadmill....

Now, when I talk about bursts of intensity.  I'm talking about working on a scale of 1 - 10 with a perceived rate of exertion. You want to be around a 7, 8. 9.  You want to do that for that full timed interval until it's time to rest. 

I'm just going to say that the easiest one to start with is 1minute on 1 minute off, and you can do something as simple as pretend jump rope.  And you want to work to intensity and you want to do this for one minute. 

And after that one minute has past, I just want you to march it out.  Just long enough at a pace that you can catch your breath,  before that one minute is up of rest.  You go back into that one minute of work. 

And you’re going to rotate through this for the designated amount of time that you need. No more than 15 minutes If you can go longer than 15 minutes, then you're not truly working hard enough. 

Your intervals are not intense enough for it to count.  It just turns into traditional cardio.  And that's the key with intervals - intensity  you want to be during those work periods.  You want to work intensely. 

The second problem with intervals in the timing.  Like I said, the variety can be confusing enough how do you know which one to start with.  Well, once you pick something - that's great!  Now you can watch the clock set a timer, start and stop the music.  Pick the right type of music. 

And you can do all of this, however, this is really diverting your attention and focus from working intensely during the workout.  Don't' worry, there is an easier way. 

I do have a shortcut when it comes to intervals.  I actually created FYM soundtracks.These are done for you music soundtracks.  The right type of music, You hear my voice coaching you when to start and stop.  the tempo of the music keeps it up so that way you can focus on the intensity of the workout.

Not worried about when you have to stop.  Watching the clock.  letting your focus get diverted from the fact that you want to focus and get a really good workout in that short period of time,  and I even created a complete interval training workout guide  filled with dozens and dozens of possibilities on how to create the best interval training workout suited for you. 

All you have to do is click on the link below to download your interval soundtracks today You get instant access.  Get 'em downloaded.  Increase the intensity of your intervals and accelerate your results. 

Be sure and stop by and tell me what a difference it makes for you.  This is your friend and coach, Holly Rigsby.


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