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Monday, August 12, 2013

Cat, messes, and my Gazelle Edge…

This morning, as I stared at the dried spot on the futon where Jeffie the Cat sprayed last night because I didn’t give him attention when he wanted it, I couldn’t help but think about my blog post called, “A Single Mom of Cats.”


Last week, he got mad at me for the same thing, sprayed my futon, and peed on my sleeping bag.  He’s a spiteful little dickens.   Sunday, the little sneak nailed my cot mattress.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of hissing going on from the more unsociable felines after they were fed.  I was on high alert, because that’s when a fight will break out.

As the cats were doing their thing, I kept glancing over at my Gazelle wanting to get in a quick workout before sitting down to work.  Delay three, Martin decides he wants in the kitchen to eat his hypoallergenic food.

Delay four, River keeps crying and won’t shut up.  Nothing works.

Delay five, looking for the eye ointment because we have an outbreak of  pink-eye among the kittens.  Didn’t find it.  So, another trip to the vet today.

Finally, an hour off schedule – I managed to get in 5 minutes on the Gazelle, before River made her grand reappearance.  I grab a quick bite to eat, sit down, she’s still crying and keeps it up till I let her on my lap.  (She’s happy now.)

Some mornings, I miss my workout altogether and have to wait till afternoon when everyone has crashed. 

Anyway, it all got me wondering, how do mom’s with bipeds get in their workouts when everything around them begins dictating their day.

So, how do you guys do it?



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