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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

If you find walking boring, how about adding some of these ideas to your workout!

I just got back a short bit ago from a walk through the field.  It’s a little over a 1/2 there and back again (Not to be confused with the title of Frodo Baggins’ book he wrote after his adventures.)

We’re having such a beautiful August that it was hard to resist.  Found some new flowers I’ve never seen before.  One was horse nettle.  Not sure what the others are yet.

horse nettle

Anyway!  That’s my way of making the most out of a walking workout.  Smile  That, and watching the cats zip past me at the speed of a cheetah.


How to Make the Most of a Walking Workout | Denise Austin ...

Whether you're 8 or 88, you can hit the roads at a pace that works for you and your fitness level. You'll rev your ... Even a leisurely stroll through town will help you burn calories, but to really make the most of every moment you're walking, try these tips…



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