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Monday, August 5, 2013

A single mom of cats…

Last night I was lying in bed thinking about my fitness blog, and that I’m gearing it toward moms.  Here I am, Miss Single, and I’m creating a blog for the mom crowd.  I wondered about my sanity.

Then, this morning I got up, shooed 3 cats off my cot (the cot is the only thing that keeps my back from hurting), went to fold it up and discovered one of them had injured themselves and bled on my mattress.

Toss mattress aside to clean later.  Then it was off to feed the cats, break up a fight (which more often than not, has ended in a vet bill), run the sweeper to clean up any fleas that had escaped their bodies in the middle of the night, not too mention cat hair.


Vacuuming is more than just running it over the carpet.  I also have to use the extended attachment and hose to get between the cracks in the boards.  Fleas love to  hide and lay eggs there.

Once I’ve cleaned up all their little night-time messes, I finally get to put my water for tea in the microwave, and get my Denise Daily Dose in (10 exercises/5 minutes). But, wait!  Once more, tea is on hold.  Martin wants in the kitchen to eat.

So much for tea and sitting down to work at the laptop.  Martin can’t be left alone.  He has chronic allergies and sneezes on everything. 

So, I have to keep an eye on him, to make sure he doesn’t sneeze on the counter-tops, the stools, the microwave, the convection oven, the potato bag on the floor (threw out one once.  Just couldn’t stand the thought of whipping the slime off.), or on my seforim (books) on the shtender shelf, or run behind the hot water tank and pee.

Yippie!  Martin is finally finished.  No.  Not yet.  I look at the microwave, longing for my tea, and hear a little kitten crying for food.  It’s the runt of the litter and struggling to survive.  So…….bottle time!

No.  Not just yet.  The kitten is cold, and you can’t feed a cold kitten.  Off to grab a big jug, fill it with warm water, gently put the kitten in a plastic zip lock bag (no I don’t zip it shut), and place it in the water to warm him up. 

Yes!  Kitten is finally warm.  Wrap up kitten.  Time to feed.  But, no, the kitten doesn’t want the bottle and cries and pushes it away.  Meantime, it’s starving. 

We go on like this for some 15 minutes till I surrender and decide nature will just have to have it’s way.  You can lead a kitten to the bottle, but you can’t make him drink.  Smile

Ah, at last, I finally get to make my tea. Nope, gotta reheat the water.

Several minutes later, I sat at the kitchen table and breathed a sigh of relief.  I’d wondered  if I was nuts gearing my blog toward moms.  I thought of mother’s being up at all hours of the night feeding the rascals, handling puke flying everywhere, etc., then I realised that last night was the first time in a week I’d managed to sleep all night without the kittens crying, and me having to get up to see what was wrong.

Nope.  It’s perfectly fine for me to do a blog focused on moms,  because I have kids myself.  They just happen to be quadrupeds.  Smile 



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