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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Celebrate Kate’s birthday & call her every name in the book at the same time!

No, not that Kate, I’m talking Kate Vidulich.  “Who the heck is she?”  She’s a fitness nut who’s celebrating her 29th birthday.

And to help us all celebrate with her, she’s offering 24 accelerators for only $9.00!  What are accelerators?  The very things that will make you call her every name in the book.

Accelerators help you burn even more fat than you would in your normal workout.

Here's what you get:

  1. 8 Minute Interval Accelerators (40 pages)
  2. 12 Fat Loss Accelerators for Ultimate Legs (48 pages)
  3. Accelerator MRT 30 (30 min workout/36 pages)
    • There's lots of pics with full descriptions showing how each exercise is done, including mistakes people make when doing that particular exercise.
    • Tips on workout safety.
    • They’re adjustable to fit whatever fitness level you’re at.
    • Workout guidelines for how to use each program.
    • and more!

Equipment needed:

  • dumbbells (or a couple small kids),
  • a jump rope (or you can fake it),
  • and your own body weight (no escaping that one). 

Head over to her site and check it out!  Totally worth the buy! Her $9 deal ends tomorrow at midnight.


partial image of mrt 30 book

Click the pic!


PS:  Click on her post for today, Oct. 8, to learn more.  When you buy, she’ll offer 3 more awesome deals before your order is complete.  If you’re not interested, just click that you pass forever. 

Btw, if you think one of your friends would be interested in adding some new excitement to their workouts, send them here!  Smile  Thanks!

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