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Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 9: Challenge Burpee, workout #10


The Challenge Burpee program has 21 different challenges to take on.  Some are kinda easy, and others will make you suicidal.  Smile

I went for #10 today.  I’m not going to be shy about it.  Give this one a shot, and then go buy the program.  It’s seriously worth it.

  • 5 reverse lunges (each leg)
  • 4 decline push ups
  • 3 burpees (I picked sit outs from Shawna Kaminski’s Big Book of Beautiful Burpees)
  • 2 prisoner squats
  • 1 burpee pull up

The challenge – see how many rounds you can do in 6 – 10 minutes.  You gotta keep correct form.  So, no sloppy stuff.  If you’re getting sloppy – quit.  Otherwise, you might hurt yourself, and there goes the fun of the challenge.  Smile

I made it 3 rounds in 5 minutes.  At the end of the 3rd round my burpees got sloppy, so I quit.


Burpee sit outs:

“Hands up, hands down, hop feet out into high plank position, push up, bring knees close to elbows, slide right foot under left arm to side, twisting trunk, return to 4 point position, repeat on other side, jump up.”

Burpee pull up:

“Hands up, hands down, hop feet into high plank, push up, hop feet back in, vertical jump, pull up.”

Explanations from, “The Big Book of Beautiful Burpees.”

Seriously folks, pick up the program.  No matter how short on time you are, this program eliminates the excuses by laying out some super great and fun workouts you can do in any amount of time you want.  Smile

So, give it a shot and post how you did!



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