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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What does being fit mean to you?

excellenceWhen I was a little pup (i.e., in my teens and 20’s), the idea of being fit meant big muscles, the ability to lift a VW Bug, and have a spectacular athletic body that made everyone around me weep with envy.

Thing is, I didn’t want any of the above.  I just wanted to be able to survive my karate classes without dying on the floor. 

I put in a lot of hours training outside the dojo (place where you learn).  I lifted my brother’s weights (when he wasn’t looking), did a ton of kicking and punching at walls, and a lot of reading.

I read everything I could get my hands on so I could learn to be the best martial artist I could be, not too mention, learning what being a martial artist actually was.  I gave it all I had.  It worked, and I did. 

What I learned during those “little pup” years, was you can workout and train all you want, but you’re cheating yourself if you don’t get in the book learning.

Why is it important?  We’ll get into that tomorrow.

See ya then!  Smile

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  1. It means a lot to me. I do better than most others my age and with MS because of exercise. It has improved my life.

    1. And you never surrender, and never give up. : )