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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What Makes Having Six Pack Abs So Popular?

(This is an article I wrote recently for ezine articles.  Hope you enjoy it!) 

Think about the moments when you really want to look your best:

  • high school/college reunions
  • wedding day
  • that first date
  • family reunions
  • holiday get-togethers
  • summer, a.k.a swimsuit season

The last one is probably #1 on everyone's list. No one wants to go to the beach looking like a beached whale. You never know when a whaling ship might come by and accidentally harpoon you. Talk about ruining your holiday.

Anyway, moments like these make us self-conscious of our fat stomachs. Surprisingly, it's not our floppy arms, which with a good breeze could knock the person behind us backwards a good 50 feet, but our bellies.

Why the belly? Why is it so important to us? Because a flat belly looks better than one sticking out beyond our feet.

Most of us are thinking more about looks than anything else when it comes to having a flat tummy, but not everyone. Some are into dropping the spare tire for health reasons.

Ask your doctor, and he/she will tell you that the extra weight we carry around our midsection can lead to more serious medical conditions, such as: strokes, heart-attacks, and diabetes.

A lot of folks don't take the idea of excess abdominal fat leading to diabetes seriously, and they should. I used to work in the typing pool for SSD/I, and every time a person applied for disability due to diabetes - without fail, the person was always overweight. So, diabetes and that gut really do go hand in hand.

Do your really need six pack abs to be healthier? No. Absolutely not. The key is reducing your abdominal fat till you have a flat belly. A flat belly doesn't mean six pack abs.

So, what are the benefits of reducing your belly fat?

There's a saying that goes, "To be fit as a fiddle, you must tone down your middle." So, one of the big benefits is you'll be healthier and have more energy. Why is that? Because you'll be eating healthier, and exercising. Any time you get that blood flowing, you always feel better.

Rather than be all slouched over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, your posture will improve and you'll walk straight and tall. Straight and tall is sexy.

Because of your improved posture, you'll experience less back pain, and in some cases you will eliminate it altogether.

Best of all, when our belly is flat, our confidence improves, and in turn, so does our attitude.

And, by the way, confidence is sexy.


Yochana E Coleman, EzineArticles Basic Author


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  1. Working on fitness, yes even at my age. Alas with age & MS I have to make my own way, yours is too tough for me!

    1. Oh hey, some of these are too tough for me. I have to reduce the number of reps and sets. :)