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Monday, October 7, 2013

Lay off the excuses…

So many people make up excuses that they can’t lose weight.  It’s just too much effort to get that 10 – 30 pounds off. 

Well, toss every lame excuse you’ve got out the window, and meet the Schwartz!  Schwartzie is a good friend of mine from back home in Brooklyn, NY. 

She’s a diabetic, and has half a dozen other things wrong with her.  Schwartzie was convinced she’d always be fat.  Well, not fat – try down right massive.

It started as a kid.  She ate so much her dad put a lock on the fridge, and was afraid she’d eventually eat the lock.  Not kidding!

Eventually she realised she had to get the weight off.  This pic says pretty much everything about her journey:



So, how’d the big ol’ thing lose over 150 pounds?  Very simple.  She did it with portion control and lifting weights every day.  That’s it.  No fancy shmancy stuff.  No big treadmill.  Nothing but her dumbbells, portion control, and determination.  That’s it!

When Schwartzie was roughly the size of a baby elephant, she could barely walk to the end of the block without panting.  Now she walks everywhere, and is really enjoying life again.

It took her around two years to pull it off, but she did it.  To make sure she keeps it off, she keeps the above pic on her fridge.

So, how’s your excuses looking now?  Smile


[All comments on Schwartzie’s size are because she and I joke about how big she was.  It’s not being rude.]  Smile

PS:  Schwartzie says to put her pic on your fridge, and use it to inspire yourself that anything is possible!  Click on the pic for a larger size and print it out.

The Schwartz sent me three of her original 8 x 10 pics, if anyone wants one.  Email me with your address, and I’ll get it out to you.




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