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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 3 & 4: Challenge Burpee!

Got behind yesterday and didn’t get in my update. 

Day 3:

Today’s workout was the same as Sundays, except instead of doing it 3 times, I did it 5. 

I also split up my workout.  Later in the day, I went for a 15 minute walk.  After two minutes, I did a burpee.  Smile  From there on, every minute I did a different burpee variation.  The faster the burpee, the more time I had to recuperate. 

It made my walk a lot more fun, and confused the cats, because they’re used to me just walking.  Kinda took the fun out of it for them.

Day 4:

Today has been a bit of a tosser.  My right knee hurts from me not doing a proper burpee yesterday, so I haven’t done much of anything.

Actually, that’s not totally true.  I spent some time this afternoon trying to workout how I managed to make my knee hurt, and experimented with a simple burpee again and again. 

Took a bit of playing, but I finally realised I’m too far forward when I go to get up, so my knee is past my toes.  No good ever comes from that.  At least I know what to avoid tomorrow.  Smile

Hope everyone’s had a great day!

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